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Adhere to humanized design and strive to improve the quality of users' paint products!

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    About us

    Jiangsu jiezhihua coating Co., Ltd. is a professional anti-corrosion coating enterprise focusing on heavy industry anti-corrosion paint. The main products include more than 1000 varieties, including epoxy zinc rich coating, epoxy iron red coating, epoxy micaceous iron coating, fluorocarbon coating, epoxy floor coating, chlorinated rubber .........

    Why is everyone choosing us?

    Professional focus, service to the heart and perfection
    Strong and guaranteed


    Strong production capacity

    With an annual output of about 1.3 million barrels and a turnover of about 20 million, it has strong production strength and fast supply

    3000 square meters of production plant, multiple production lines, optimize each ring process
    Standardized implementation, introduction of high-end advanced equipment and professional production team

    It has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system and iso4001:2004 environmental management system
    GB / T28001-2001 and other occupational health and safety management system certification;


    Strict quality control

    Strict quality inspection at all levels to ensure the quality of each barrel of paint of jiezhihua

    The quality inspection of jiezhihua coating products can only be qualified or unqualified to ensure the ex factory products
    Quality, authoritative test report, multiple patent certification

    Fully implement the requirements of the quality management system and strictly control the quality of production links;
    The nationwide after-sales service network system allows you to find us at any time!


    Reasonable product price

    Factory direct selling, first-hand price supply, saving enterprise costs

    Manufacturers provide direct sales, eliminate the superposition of intermediate interests, optimize raw material suppliers, outsourcing manufacturers and procurement processes, reduce raw material costs, optimize product structure and production processes, ensure quality and save production costs

    The company has a professional after-sales service team; Help you solve pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales problems at any time; Make your production more smooth and greatly improve your production efficiency;


    Perfect after-sales service

    Professional after-sales service system allows you to get more than cooperation

    Pre sales: free consultation, professional procurement personnel to help understand the needs of products
    on sale: track sales throughout the process, and provide customized floor drain services to meet demand
    after sales: large-scale warehouse storage and professional logistics transportation ensure the supply speed in an all-round way.

    The leadership team is a young but experienced team with young people's unique vitality, drive and innovation consciousness; It has a number of high-quality professional research and design personnel and perfect after-sales service system.

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