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    Corporate Culture

    Mission: to make Ruby a leader in the industry

    Quality view: product (quality) such as character

    Concept of money: recognition of hard work and talent

    Development view: development before distribution

    Interpersonal view: friendship between gentlemen is as light as water

    Cultural view: the sea embraces all rivers

    View of success or failure: details determine success or failure

    Management view: no excuses in front of management, obedience, compliance and implementation

    Market view: the nation will be invaded without crisis. Enterprises without crisis will be absorbed by the market. Individuals without crisis will be eliminated by society.

    Business philosophy: excellent quality and service is our commitment, and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

    Concept of employment: cultivate and retain virtue without talent. Talent without virtue, employment is restricted

    No talent, no virtue, no need. Virtue and talent, exceptional employment