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    Harm of low quality anticorrosive coatings

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    According to the statistics of relevant departments, the annual output of architectural coatings in China has reached 1.5 million tons, of which interior wall coatings account for about 55%. Some enterprises have strong technical force, advanced production equipment, strict process control, sound quality management system, complete inspection instruments, strict inspection of raw materials and finished products, stable product quality, and prominent product quality problems in a small number of enterprises.

    The low-grade paint produced by a small number of enterprises refers to the paint varieties of similar resin paints that are not produced in accordance with national standards, and the raw materials are shoddy and confuse the fake with the real. This coating uses low-quality and low-cost raw materials, which not only has low product quality, but also has ineffective anti-corrosion effect. So what are the disadvantages of using low-grade coatings?

    1. The color of the coating can not be maintained. Just after spraying, the color will lose light, fade unevenly, and become flower and dark in a few days.

    2. It is easy to cause construction accidents. Low grade paint is highly toxic. If safety protection cannot be done well, it will do great harm to workers who spray low-grade paint for a long time.

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    3. Easy to rework.

    Many construction parties or owners do not pay enough attention to painting and choose paint varieties with poor quality and low price, thinking that they can save costs. Then, they are too thick, the construction party is not recognized by the owner, and the owner is not satisfied with the quality of paint, so they need to rework.

    The cost of rework is high. If the paint is not matched, the original primer needs to be removed and redone. The cost is often much higher than the selection of high-quality paint varieties.

    4. Construction difficulties. The viscosity of low-grade paint is not easy to control, and there are often sagging, serious uneven film thickness of one-time spraying and other phenomena.

    5. Solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and other properties are greatly reduced, often can not be used to the specified service life, and the coating becomes completely ineffective.

    6. Paint after-sales service is not guaranteed. Even the original paint manufacturer is often unable to solve the construction problems caused by the selection of low-grade paint. Because they know their own problems, if they can be effectively avoided, they have already been improved or explained. Yes, some coating defects are expected by the manufacturer and difficult to solve.

    Jiangsu jiezhihua adopts high-quality raw materials, modulated by professional technicians, uses relatively new production technology, quality assurance and reasonable price, and is determined to build a leading brand of domestic industrial coatings.

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