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    Selection of water tank anti-corrosion - 901 enamel coating

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    Product introduction:

    Jiezhihua 901 enamel paint, also known as enamel paint, special enamel paint for pool, drinking water enamel paint, non-toxic enamel paint, etc., is a two-component anti-corrosion paint composed of modified acrylic acid, modified polymer resin, other modified resin pigment fillers, additives, solvents and curing agent.

    Product features:

    ◆ non toxic 901 enamel coating is widely used in tap water, urban fire water pool and pool surface protection. It is also applicable to workshops in food, beverage and medical industries. The wall is mold proof and decorative coating. The coating is smooth, dense, full, mold resistant, non-toxic and non polluting.

    ◆ 901 enamel coating has superior performance, high mechanical strength and strong adhesion with concrete.

    ◆ small shrinkage (about 2%), with certain stability to acid-base and other chemical media and excellent impermeability.

    ◆ stable performance at room temperature and excellent environmental protection performance. When in use, it is painted on the inner wall of the pool and forms a complete membrane material with high strength after drying. Therefore, 901 enamel coating has also become the first choice for anti-corrosion of the pool.

    Construction scheme:

    ◆ concrete base surface requirements:

    a. The base course must be firm and dense, and the strength must be tested and meet the design requirements. Groundwater leakage and uneven settlement are strictly prohibited. There shall be no sanding, shelling, cracks, honeycomb and pitted surface, etc.

    b. The treated base course surface shall be flat and dry, and the moisture content in the thickness layer with a depth of 20mm shall not be greater than 6%; The surface of base course must be clean. Before construction, the surface treatment method of the base course shall be that when it is polished by hand or power tools, the surface shall be free of cement slag and loose attachments.

    c. All corners shall be plastered into circular arc shape, the detailed base course such as pipeline floor drain shall also be plastered and calendered, the casing of the pipeline shall be more than 20mm higher than the base course, the floor drain at the outlet shall be lower than the waterproof base course, and the slope shall be found out according to the regulations.

    Construction process:

    Construction sequence

    Apply primer for the bottom layer - → cure (4-8h) - → apply epoxy putty for finishing - → lay a layer of glass fiber cloth → cure for 24h - → polish the warped glass cloth and repair FRP defects with putty - → cure (4-8h) brush one layer of 901 porcelain glaze - → cure (12-24h) - → brush another layer of shf901 porcelain glaze - → cure (curing for 7D).

    Construction steps:

    ◆ concrete base treatment

    Polish the concrete base course with electric steel wheel, repair the defects of concrete pouring to achieve flatness and smoothness, and finally purge it with compressed air.

    ◆ spraying epoxy resin for priming

    After the concrete base is treated, epoxy resin shall be applied as soon as possible to prevent secondary fouling; The brushing shall be uniform without omission, sagging, etc. the prepared epoxy resin primer shall be used up within 30min.

    ◆ lining cloth glass cloth must be soaked in the prepared epoxy resin lining cloth until it is completely soaked. Remove the excess primer to keep the stock at 20-25%.

    After the primer is cured, evenly apply a layer of epoxy resin on the base course, immediately paste the glass fiber cloth, immerse the lining cloth into the fiber cloth of the cloth, clean the bubbles, and overlap the glass cloth more than 50mm. After lining, the quality of the lining layer shall be checked. In case of defects such as burr, delamination and bubble, it shall be repaired.

    901 enamel finish

    ◆ after the glass fiber reinforced plastic lining cloth is dried for 12 hours, apply four layers of 901 enamel finish paint evenly, with an interval of 4-24 hours. The prepared 901 enamel finish paint must be used up within 4 hours;.

    ◆ after lining, the quality of the lining layer shall be checked. In case of defects such as burr, delamination and bubble, it shall be repaired.

    ◆ the principle of sticking cloth is roughly: first small surface, then large surface; First up and then down, first inside and then outside.

    Performance parameters:

    Color and appearance of paint film: the paint film is flat and smooth

    Flexibility: 1mm

    Adhesion: Grade 1

    Impact resistance: 50kg.cm

    Acid resistance: no foaming, falling off and cracking (standard index: GB / t9274-88)

    Alkali resistance: no foaming, falling off and cracking (standard index: GB / t9274-88)

    Salt water resistance: no foaming, falling off and cracking (standard index: GB / t9274-88)